Theresa May A-Z: M is for Maidenhead Coop


Nestled in her constituency, the Maidenhead Coop is a hidden gem. Stocking many pieces from quirky small businesses, Theresa May is a staunch supporter of this local cooperative and the entrepreneurs who sell their wares through this location.

Interviewed by Peston in Davos in January, we were all intrigued by the glamorous faux fur collar adorning the Prime Minister’s neck. The designer? London based Emilie Lhoste, the brains behind and owner of Louison d’or. Specializing in handmade scarves, bags and accessories, the PM picked up this black, purple and hot orange faux fur collar from the Maidenhead Coop.

An affordable price and perfect for keeping warm in the harsh temperatures of Switzerland, May’s choice of collar demonstrated her commitment to small businesses and her love of shopping local.

Political Style reader and Maidenhead Mum blogger Jodie recently met the Prime Minister, and presented her with a 2017 calendar full to the brim of photos of her Maidenhead constituency. Thanks to Jodie for these great photos of the Coop and the PM!

Wearing the scarf brought great publicity for both Louison d’or and the Maidenhead Coop- the question is, which small designers will Theresa May support next?!

Come back tomorrow for the N is for... reveal! For further A-Z entries and Theresa May posts click here. 
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